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General information

We provide qualification training in every standard NDT method: PT, MT, UT, ET, RT, VT, LT in level I, II and III. We do qualification special techniques as well like AWS Radiogragh Interpreter, CR, DR, TOFD, Phased Array or trainings for inspectors and auditors: Auditors/Inspectors, API Q1 Internal auditor, API 510, API 570, 653 or IWI-S/CWI. All our courses are designed to hand on the maximum of our professional experiences. You can choose the English, Russian or Czech language. You will get practical skills in our testing rooms and required theory understanding in our lecture rooms as well.

Every participant receives the certificate after the completion our course!

We are providing complete services for qualification of technical personnel. Our trainings and personnel qualifications are mainly focused on the following positions:
  • NDT (non-destructive testing) - certification of NDT personnel
  • Corrosion engineers
  • Designers and production technologists
  • Inspectors and supervisors in industrial facilities
  • Welding personnel
  • Auditors and quality managers
  • Technical education for executive staff, middle and top management
  • Re-qualification and re-certification programs

How is the training provided?
We share our professional skills with all trainees. The theoretical part of the training runs in classrooms, the practical education is provided in our completely equipped labs or in the process. The Training can be provided at clients´ facilities as well! Our lecturers are skilled specialists with long-time experience from projects realized all over the world.