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Types of courses

We provide the trainings of three different types and in two different systems of the final certification.

Open training
This type of the course is open for trainees from different companies and different industrial sectors. Basically these courses are provided in the ATG training centers.

Closed training
This type of the course is organized for specific clients - The group of trainees usually consists of more employees from one company. This training could be provided in the ATG training center as well as in the client premises (or in the destination close to the client location). The advantage of this system dwell in the expense decreasing (no payment for accommodation for trainees, transportation costs, ...). On the training place shall be necessary equipment for the practical part (specimens, testing devices, ...) depends on type of the training. These courses are usually provided at least for 5-members group or more participants at the training course.

Custom-made courses
Our specialists are able to modify training program according to your requirements. Courses can be based on the specified standards and documents in order to prepare employees for future job.

Traing courses brochure with details  [2.35 MB]