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Qualification & certification

There are two basic fundamental types of personnel certification that are commonly used worldwide
  • employer based certification
  • independent certification (the third party certification)
The Employer based certification is system created by employers and described in their own "Written Practices" (WP) documents. A written practice describes the responsibilities of each level of certification, as expected by the company, and describes the training, experiences and examination requirements for each level of certification.

Independent system of qualification and certification
These courses are based on requirements of the European EN 473 standard (In the Europe as well as in Czech Republic). On completion of the course trainees will be prepared for successful passing of the examination at independent examination body. After passing this examination trainees can ask for the certificate issuing at certification body e.g. TÜV Nord (Czech Republic), SektorCert (Germany), Reaktortest (Slovakia), CWS ANB (Czech welding society), etc.