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Who we are and what we offer

ATG offers complex services in NDT = nondestructive testing and qualification training in every standard method of testing: PT, MT, UT, ET, RT, VT, LT. We do qualification special techniques as well like AWS Radiogragh Interpreter, CR, DR, TOFD, Phased Array or trainings for inspectors and auditors: Auditors/Inspectors, API Q1 Internal auditor, API 510, API 570, 653 or IWI-S/CWI. Our products and services are respected worldwide, approved by many national or international bodies.

Main activities are
  • NDT training, qualification and certification of NDT workers Level I, II and III,
  • Training of International Welding Inspectors - IWI, Shop/Site inspectors API 510, API 570, API 653
  • Training for Auditors - API Q1 Internal auditor
  • Outside Agency services - outsourcing of your company’s NDT systems
  • Technical inspections – TPI (Third Party Inspection, Shop/Site inspections)
  • Providing Independent assessment of conformity, safety and quality, RBA, RLA, ASME Code, welding and corrosion inspections, Shop / Site inspections, supervising
  • Development and production of devices and equipment for NDT testing